On Virgo (August 23-September 22)

Animated Virgo 

Virgo is one of the least understood signs in the Zodiac. Sandwiched between the flamboyant Leo and the charming and diplomatic Libra,  Virgo seems like an interlude. Virgo however, represents the interim from becoming an personality and developing relationships-adolescence, as you will. Virgo develops the competence, skill, and orientation to service that is needed before taking on the Libra task of partnerships.

Virgo is the worker of the Zodiac, whose work it is to create order from chaos, to build the framework for the social order. Virgo says, “let there be order” and there is order to be found.  Virgo understands intuitively natural law-which is why they make good scientists, accountants, and technicians. They can see patterns and make those patterns work.

Virgo is concerned with mothering-not the physical mothering of Cancer-but the nurturing process as a whole. It is one thing to physically give birth-its another to teach and mold and grow the person to become a whole and healthy being. Nurses are Virgo, so are teachers,  coaches and other mentors.


Author: CarolDuhart2 (Aquariusmoon)

I love cats, Astrology, good looking men, Scrabble, and the occasional book or two..I like good food, especially Indian and Chinese, and have a desire to go to a French restaurant on my bucket list. I want to be a prolific writer and love communicating on my blogs. A very strong liberal Democrat who thinks socialism has a few good ideas we could borrow and adapt to our own needs.

One thought on “On Virgo (August 23-September 22)”

  1. One thing that I remember from the radio days. The news during an astrological sign is usually about the things covered by the astrological sign. This month’s emphasis will be upon things such as nursing, labor issues (check out what the Teamsters are doing). Virgo matters in America also have to do with religion-especially the self-improvement parts of religion. You will be astonished at both the headlines and the subjects that come up.

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