9/11/07-Creating a Tower of Light

Blue Sky With Clouds
Join me at 8:45 am EDT, September 11, 2007 for a peace meditation. Many can’t march, but marching without purpose does little anyway. One thing we know is that by lifting the consciousness of millions,  minds and hearts can be changed. One of the things the internet does is make it possible for more people to join together in real time in mind though the process of communication.

Internet meditation does not require buildings, speakers, or even voice-though I may post something audio.  Just a working browser and attunement to the higher power. And we can do so in whatever form  our many spiritual and religious traditions may take.

I remember the first Harmonic Convergence back in 1986, when millions meditated for peace. Three years later the fall came down, and the great dread of nuclear war between the superpowers. But peace also meant that the old order and the new one passed with suprisingly little violence-compared to what many people feared would happen.

And I believe that all of the prayers for peace have long delayed the escalation of this war and have kept Americans from largely going at each other. I remember as a kid the rancor of the late 60’s, and we are nowhere near that, where whole generations began to battle each other over a wide front.   The bitterness, while it did not delay the changes, lead to a reactionary swing back that allowed for a meaner, lessened sense of civic responsibility.


Author: CarolDuhart2 (Aquariusmoon)

I love cats, Astrology, good looking men, Scrabble, and the occasional book or two..I like good food, especially Indian and Chinese, and have a desire to go to a French restaurant on my bucket list. I want to be a prolific writer and love communicating on my blogs. A very strong liberal Democrat who thinks socialism has a few good ideas we could borrow and adapt to our own needs.

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