Stepping On Toes: More Larry Craig

 Larry Craig Two

So Larry has changed his mind-for now, stepping on more powerful toes than the ones that he stepped on when he was trying to seduce the cop. The cop stalled his career: these toes could end it. So let’s take a second look at Larry:

Larry’s Solar Planets Places
Neptune 04Lib00
Moon 05Sag48( Discount if a solar chart, his time is unknown publicly) The moon’s degree, while having no real validity due to a lack of a known birthtime-the sign position is. Moon in Sagittarius can be bombastic at time,  restless, jovial, strongly religious. It can be quite fond of joking and good times. Philosophy is “felt” here.  Some time during the late 1990’s, Pluto passed over the point. At that time,  there was a sense of emotional breakdown as his subconscious feelings rose to the surface.

Saturn 00 Vir 22’56
P_Fortune 05Sag48
MNNode 08Can11
MSNode 08Cap11
Pluto 09Leo29
Venus 13Gem48
Uranus 15Gem47
 Saturn 16Can09
Jupiter 23Vir29
Mercury 24Leo25
Sun 27Can37
Mars 28Tau12
Chiron 29Vir49

This is what we used to do when looking for transits. Line up all of the planets (and the Midheaven and Ascendant when we had an accurate time) in numerical order. It made it possible to quickly scan an ephemeris and see if we had any numerical hits.

But back to Larry. O my, things are getting heated with Republicans (and not the good kind of heated either). They would love for Larry to throw himself under the bus. They got him to the curb, but he won’t go further. Now what? We can take a look at his transits to see what’s going on for him now. Steve Gilliard had a lot to say regarding this: The Gop Civil War. And still more: Larry Craig’s History, Sexual and Otherwise

Do we have some hits? The stuff for today:
Mercury 00 Lib 10’41”
Moon 02 Cnc 02’48”
Moon’s Node 07 Psc 04’09”
Jupiter 11 Sgr 14’23”
Chiron 11 Aqr 29’20″R
Sun 12 Vir 39’54″(Sun square Venus)
Quaoar 15 Sgr 38’54″(square Uranus, inconjunct Saturn)
Venus 16 Leo 46’37″R(sextile Uranus)
Uranus 16 Psc 52’38″R “(square Uranus, trine Saturn)
Mars 17 Gem 57’25”
Neptune 20 Aqr 01’49″R
Sedna 20 Tau 47’17″R
Pluto 26 Sgr 18’10″R(Pluto inconjunct Sun)
Sgr A*/GalCtr 26 Sgr 57’44”
Quoar and Sedna, I haven’t really studied yet, so I can’t comment on the effects of the transits. But these are post-Pluto planets, so that transits are literally once in a lifetime at any one point. One hit, that’s it for a lifetime. Uranus square Uranus: This is an every 42 year aspect. The first one happens at age 21, fueling the restlessness and need for independence then, the conflict is over just how much independence is needed. The second one is about age 63-time to think of retirement from the lifetime started at the age of 21. This is seen as the “sage” period, when the wisdom accumulated and the transmission of that wisdom becomes a new career in itself. Larry is faced with the practical end of his career, and possibly the end of his lifelong denial. But he’s rebelling against being set loose, which is the wrong way to handle Uranus. The trine to Saturn could let him build new structures, if he lets it. Pluto is approaching an inconjunct to Mars, and is now inconjunct his Sun. The adjustments he has to make is fundamental for a man: he has to deal with his ego (Sun) and his drive (Mars) Btw, Pluto inconjunct Sun goes till at least the beginning of next month.

Pluto inconjunct Sun: Transformation of the personality seems to come out of left field right now. He’s having to become an individual. instead of part of a large group. He’s compulsively fighting this, as if he himself can’t envision a life alone without power. Power is being asserted over him, and he’s having to adjust. Pluto is eroding his fixed sense of who and what he is, and for a Cancer,that has to raise a lot of insecurities. He’ll be dealing with this one until at least October, stepping on a lot of well-placed toes and making them ache while struggling with the courts. Get toe cushions.



Author: CarolDuhart2 (Aquariusmoon)

I love cats, Astrology, good looking men, Scrabble, and the occasional book or two..I like good food, especially Indian and Chinese, and have a desire to go to a French restaurant on my bucket list. I want to be a prolific writer and love communicating on my blogs. A very strong liberal Democrat who thinks socialism has a few good ideas we could borrow and adapt to our own needs.

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