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Dog at Tea

It’s been a week, I know….I’ve been busy getting started in school and trying to manage the rest of my life. Well, I’m in, and the rest of my life is being managed.  So what do you think about that eclipse? Bin Laden came and went: indeed the most prominent thing was apparently Petraeus.  September 11 was practically overshadowed by the hearings.

Which means we have absorbed the event and put it in the past and are ready to deal with the consequences. The officials were overshadowed by a lot of people’s observances. But even those didn’t seem to have the emotional punch that previous September 11ths have had. Was it the fear of an attack being repeated, or simply that we wanted to commemorate the dead and move on? Or did the Bin Laden tape create so much ridicule that we were less scared?

Favorite coffee: latte with cinnamon (decaf). Yes, I like Starbucks. But then I grew up with instant coffee, i.e Sanka. So real coffee would be an improvement-any real coffee.  Biscotti’s not bad either. A combination of the two have kept me awake for many a temp assignment that started at say, 7am or 8am.

Next post for astrology……


Author: CarolDuhart2

I love cats, Astrology, good looking men, Scrabble, and the occasional book or two..I like good food, especially Indian and Chinese, and have a desire to go to a French restaurant on my bucket list. I want to be a prolific writer and love communicating on my blogs. A very strong liberal Democrat who thinks socialism has a few good ideas we could borrow and adapt to our own needs.

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