Me and My Blog

What this site is about is first and foremost, teaching astrology the way I learned it, through watching how this stuff plays out in everyday news, and through working on charts.. Where I learned it, we sat around a table talking about charts while imbibing gallons of good coffee, sharing charts among ourselves, and generally keeping it easy. I hope to create that sense on these pages.

I’ve done this for thirty-plus years, largely self-taught but also through the aformentioned group. No official credential but until recently couldn’t have afforded to get one.

 I’m employed as a clerk with some college (more education than my job) and have been intellectually  curious all my life.  That intellectual curiousity extended to unusual and sometimes esoteric subjects. When I was a child, barely old enough to read, I was fascinated by the stars. Later as a teenager, I ran into The Compleat Astrologer and Linda Goodmans’s SunSigns. It was the late Sixties and early Seventies, and people for the first time felt free to explore areas of knowledge that were not necessarily approved by the powers that be. I became fascinated, and plowed through everything I could find. I read Sybil Leek, collected pocket Dells, and read magazines whenever I could find one. When I was out on my own, I found a group that was teaching themselves astrology.  They did my chart, and that’s when I became both student and teacher. I researched and found my own birthtime and subsequently corrected my own chart for accuracy. I bought an ephemeris. I bought Tables of Houses. I lived in the bookstore. Soon I became one of the teachers of the group, and taught others what I knew myself.

Time passed. I started working nights. My mentor passed away. Without the internet as a private outlet, I drifted into simply following my own chart and occasionally paying attention to the news. Then I joined Democratic Underground, discovered Nancy of Starlight News, began commenting there, and once again found that I could teach and learn.

My goal now is to raise $50 so that I could take the AFA (American Federation of Astrologers) test so I can finally get that credential that evaded me back when I was both more active and more broke. After 50 years of living, and 30 years of doing charts, I owe this to myself to finally get the paper for the work I have done. And this Libra wants recognition for the all the Saturdays, all the radio shows, all the charts I have done while drinking endless cups of coffee.


One thought on “Me and My Blog”

  1. This is my teaching blog. A lot of astrology sites seem to assume that a reader knows the language well enough that they can follow. But it took a lot of learning to know this language, and you should benefit from the long learning I’ve had.

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