Saturn in Virgo-Counting Pennies

Five Saturn(I plan to continue the Building the Chart Series later after 9/11-brain freeze)

Saturn is usually known as the disciplinarian, the taskmaster, the timekeeper. So just what is being kept and disciplined while Saturn is in Virgo? Issues of public health and cleanliness-look for new health laws.

Saturn in Virgo is the practical side of technocracy: I expect a greater emphasis on technical accuracy and efficiency during the next two years. No more fuzzy accounting here, greater scrutiny, more practical expression of technology.

People will expect the streets to be cleaned, the bridges to actually hold up, and the ballots to be counted accurately no matter how long it takes.

 Saturn first enters Virgo on September 2, 2007,  just in time to sober up that Labor Day weekend and to remind us once again of the real purpose of Labor Day. The real purpose is to honor the  workers who keep the nation going and striving everyday. 

Virgo in the United States Chart is co/ruler with Leo in the Ninth of Religion and Foreign policy. I expect a greater emphasis of social purity on one hand, and greater clarity and practicality on the other. Errors in both are going to be noted rather quickly by ordinary people.