This is just a holding site. The real action is elsewhere.

Carol Duhart’s Aquariusmoon’s Coffeehouse

My blog empire home-a lot of astrology, some politics, some things that are interesting in general

Townsquare Astrology Community

Here I try to re-create my old community of both learning and discussion. For beginners and experts, and everything in between. Predictions, as well.

The Whitehouse-Politics and Civics

Of a leftish bent-but I also like to add basic information about how the system works and  how to work it.

The Lounge-Music and So Much More

Relax here as I share musical tastes and other assorted pop culture. Also Obama.


My New Place

I haven’t been here since 2007. Back then I didn’t have a computer, so I relied on this site for my work. Since then, I’ve gotten a new domain and have been able to set up 6 blogs on one site, and it’s marvelous! So join me at (Aquariusmoon’s Eclectic Site) and join the discussion!frost covering autumn leaves