In Labor: Honoring the Workers


The first Labor Day holiday was celebrated on Tuesday, September 5, 1882 The incentive for Labor Day began with some dispute as the who originated the idea, but by June 1894,  Labor Day was proclaimed a holiday in the District of Columbia and the territories.Labor day is the one day of the year besides May Day in some places where people who work are honored and recognized. The military gets to commemorate victories, the governments their founding, religions their founders, saints and martyrs. But they honor what are called “great men”, the social elite, the mystics. Individuals all. Labor Day belongs to no one organization or religion: does not honor violence, either the receiving or giving. It is archetypically Virgo: indeed Labor Day is more fitting in a way here than May Day in Taurus.

Taurus is a celebration of the will of the worker, the demand for a fair break. Virgo celebrates the workers’s accomplishments and the very fact of work. It is more reflective than combative. Also the May day allows for a Summer of rallying and organizing: September back to the factory and harvest.

Labor Day was born under a three planet stellium in Taurus: Neptune, Saturn, Chiron, with a close conjunction to Pluto in the first degree of Gemini. Uranus and Mercury were conjunct in Virgo. Indeed, it was an inspired holiday, grounded in practical idealism. Neptune in Taurus, was the dream of labor solidarity. Saturn in Taurus was the controlled will of the workers. Chiron in Taurus was to bind up the wounds of labor. And Uranus/Mercury saw the mental freedom of labor a priority.


Saturn in Virgo-Counting Pennies

Five Saturn(I plan to continue the Building the Chart Series later after 9/11-brain freeze)

Saturn is usually known as the disciplinarian, the taskmaster, the timekeeper. So just what is being kept and disciplined while Saturn is in Virgo? Issues of public health and cleanliness-look for new health laws.

Saturn in Virgo is the practical side of technocracy: I expect a greater emphasis on technical accuracy and efficiency during the next two years. No more fuzzy accounting here, greater scrutiny, more practical expression of technology.

People will expect the streets to be cleaned, the bridges to actually hold up, and the ballots to be counted accurately no matter how long it takes.

 Saturn first enters Virgo on September 2, 2007,  just in time to sober up that Labor Day weekend and to remind us once again of the real purpose of Labor Day. The real purpose is to honor the  workers who keep the nation going and striving everyday. 

Virgo in the United States Chart is co/ruler with Leo in the Ninth of Religion and Foreign policy. I expect a greater emphasis of social purity on one hand, and greater clarity and practicality on the other. Errors in both are going to be noted rather quickly by ordinary people.

Larry, Not Jenny

Larry CraigAs you now know, Larry Craig has had his lifelong closet door blown off by an undercover cop. While some astrologers say they can tell whether or not a person is sexually “different”, say by a natal aspect by Venus or Mars to Uranus, I’m not going there. What I want to know is what happens next to him. Will he survive this round or  will he have the leisure time and the rest of his life, to finally face up to the fact of his sexual orientation?  A look at his birthchart may give some clues.

The first clue is the Venus/Uranus conjunction in Gemini. Venus in Gemini hints at dual loves,  and with Uranus there, love that tends to be unconventional. This does not necessarily mean a person is gay, what it does mean is that there’s an intellectual belief in sexual freedom. Love goes through erratic phrases.

Mars is the place where there is sexual expression. Mars is in passionate, earthy Taurus. But Venus is in multiple partnered Gemini. If I were talking to Craig, I certainly would have seen a tendency for strong, constant stimulation and variety in his love life.

Right Now, Jupiter is trine his Pluto, Uranus trine Saturn, Pluto inconjunct Sun. I know trines are usually considered lucky-and financially, it may be. But good luck sometimes is paradoxical. He’s being given a gift that right now doesn’t feel like one until in retrospect. It’s like being laid off from Enron, and getting that severance check the week before it begins to fold. It’s the last seat on the lifeboat.

Pluto inconjunct Sun-think of the health adjustment he’s having to make right now. His secret life blown open, he’s being forced to face his innermost denial of who and what he is. For decades, he’s tried to placate the Jupiter in Virgo values of order-and failing to do so, being unable to deal with that passionate trine from Taurus and those Gemini planets that make him inconstant in love.

For the first time, I’m trying progressions-but I used simple math. What I noticed is that this year, progressed Mars is conjunct his Sun, making him combative. Mars/Sun aspects make for personal battles, and elevated sex drive. Larry certainly is fighting a lot these days.  Progressed Sun, however, is conjunct Chiron. Chiron, as the “wounded healer” body being set off by the Sun has meant that this year, Larry has had to face his long-standing personal wound. Chiron in Virgo hints at wounds due to notions of purity and order and service. I bet for a long time he has felt impure and a failure because he can’t live up to the standards that his family set for him to be the “good boy” when it comes to sexuality. Now the Sun’s passing over is bringing that out to the open.  September 21, when the transiting Sun sets off that progression, could be a very crucial day when it comes to the events of the past week.

On Virgo (August 23-September 22)

Animated Virgo 

Virgo is one of the least understood signs in the Zodiac. Sandwiched between the flamboyant Leo and the charming and diplomatic Libra,  Virgo seems like an interlude. Virgo however, represents the interim from becoming an personality and developing relationships-adolescence, as you will. Virgo develops the competence, skill, and orientation to service that is needed before taking on the Libra task of partnerships.

Virgo is the worker of the Zodiac, whose work it is to create order from chaos, to build the framework for the social order. Virgo says, “let there be order” and there is order to be found.  Virgo understands intuitively natural law-which is why they make good scientists, accountants, and technicians. They can see patterns and make those patterns work.

Virgo is concerned with mothering-not the physical mothering of Cancer-but the nurturing process as a whole. It is one thing to physically give birth-its another to teach and mold and grow the person to become a whole and healthy being. Nurses are Virgo, so are teachers,  coaches and other mentors.