September 11, 2007 Eclipse Chart

September 11, 2007 Eclipse ChartThis chart seems eerily reminiscent of the original chart for September 11. The eclipse occurs about the same time as the first plane hit the towers. But unlike the 3rd/Ninth House emphasis in the original chart, the emphasis is on the 5th/11th house. Could this be the year 911 is taken back by the people themselves?

The fifth house/eleventh house is the friends and family axis, the axis that got left out because of Shrub’s showboating that horrible day six years ago. Its the axis of the people-the people who want to write and protest and join together. It’s Congress’s day-The eleventh house in Mundane Astrology rules legislatures-and interestingly enough the day that the Iraq report is due to be given by Petraeus and company.


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